The Annual Meeting for Deans of Research Hosted in Campus

A review and assessment to the research produced by the Palestinian universities were discussed in the 16th  Deans of Research annual meeting, hosted in Birzeit University, on April 18, 2016.The meeting was attended by the Deans of Research from the Palestinian universities from Bethlehem, Hebron, Polytechnic, Al-Quds Open university, Arab American University, Palestine Technical University- Kadoorie, the Islamic University and Birzeit University represented by the President Abdel Latif Abu Hijleh, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Henry Giacman and the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Head of Scientific Research Committee Talal Shahwan.Abu Hijleh inaugurated the meeting stressing on the importance of supporting infrastructure and resources necessary for the development and growth of the Universities of Palestine research enterprise to address societal challenges for the nation, region and the world.The meeting included a workshop, organized by Birzeit University and the Islamic University of Gaza. The Deans presented the range of research activities done by the academic institutions in Palestine, which they described broad and deep. They proposed various suggestions to improve the research production aiming to expand human knowledge through the analysis, innovation and insights the researches bring.Shahwan  highlighted the university’s rich experience and production of research in different disciplines especially in the fields of  Information Technology (IT), water and environment, agriculture, applied sciences, digital archive and  public and social health.The meeting concluded on a set of strategic, proactive and catalytic measures to facilitate faculty members, students and other teams of researchers to achieve better research productions. This will be nurtured through enhancing the partnerships and alliances with external stakeholders, constant encouraging to produce researches and organizing workshops and trainings that will benefit the research development efforts.