Annual Alumni Reunion Held to Strengthen Ties

August 29, 2015 - Birzeit University’s Alumni and Career services office held the 2015 Annual Alumni Reunion on Saturday with the goal of strengthening communication between the university and its graduates and fostering a sense of loyalty and belonging.

The event was organized to in order to activate the partnership between the university and its graduates immersed in the local, regional and international community. The event was a part of the university’s philosophy that every graduate is an envoy, a bright example, and a contributor to the development of the country.

The reunion was organized following the graduation ceremony of the 40th class of Birzeit University students and the appointment of Abdul Latif Abu Hijleh as university president. Numerous graduates attended, sharing personal experiences and stories from their campus life.

Abu Hijleh expressed joy and pride in receiving the alumni, saying “Meetings like these keep us connected, as a family that belongs to this prestigious university, cooperating and sharing efforts to maintain what we have and add to it and achieve further development and success in an ongoing process that would not have been possible without your contribution.”

 “Let us always be united, hand in hand, in building this country and bringing glory to this university,” he said.

Abu Hijleh went on, “Today, we are joined together on a path to continue building our university as we aspire to be at the forefront of universities in the Middle East and the Arab region, at least.”

“Achievements are made gradually, and this university’s ambition will not stop with the establishment of the first doctoral program in national social fields, a program on its way to success and expected to carry the university forward.” 

The president also said that the university is developing a master's program in Industrial Pharmaceutical Technology, set to begin in the upcoming academic year. The program should provide the pharmaceutical sector and governmental institutions with individuals who have both the skill and expertise in the field. “Such individuals will also boost this sector in order to reach the global ranks of the pharmaceutical industry.”

There will also be a new master's program in Software Engineering, starting this academic year, and bachelor’s degree programs in physical education and German translation.

Bank of Jordan Regional Manager Hatem Foqahaa presented Abu Hijleh with an honorary plaque to celebrate his very recent appointment as president. 

Graduates also enjoyed a number of activities, including a folk bazaar for Palestinian products and food, a stand-up comedy show presented by Nidal Badarnah, a quiz by Riyad Mustafa, a musical performance by Fatoush band, and finally a segment featuring alumni success stories.

The Annual Alumni Reunion of 2015 was sponsored by the Bank of Jordan, National Insurance Company, Unipal General Trading Co, Palestine Agencies International, Nabali & Fares for Real Estate, Arab Islamic Bank, Raya FM, and Nescafe.