Al Nayzak to support Masari community-based initiatives

Birzeit University, represented by President Abdullatif Abuhijleh, signed an agreement with Al Nayzak Science House, represented by its chairman Aref Husseini, in which Al Nayzak agreed to support community-based initiatives generated by participants in the university’s Leadership and Active Citizenship Program–Masari, as students enrolled in the program’s final stage engage with grassroots and societal organizations.

The agreement is falls in line with the mission of Birzeit University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit (IEU) that helps students build networks and partnerships with grassroots and civil organizations to support the aim of Masari’s fifth and sixth stations, titled Social Entrepreneurship, where students are encouraged to develop and implement social initiatives based on their perspective on Palestinian national contexts and priorities.

Abuhijleh expressed his pride in this new cooperation with Al Nayzak, an institution that promotes innovation among youth through science, technology engineering and math. He emphasized Al Nayzak’s impact and importance in promoting innovation and creativity at the university and in Palestine.

Explaining the program, Abuhijleh said that Masari is a co-curricular holistic program that encourages students to utilize their skills to tackle issues that affect their communities. The program comprises six stages, including a stage that supports social entrepreneurship and encourages students to engage with local institutes through which they can implement their ideas and develop their communities.

Husseini affirmed Al Nayzak’s commitment to providing Birzeit University students with technical support and mentorship to empower them and hone their skills, aiming to help them build a generation that can create positive change in their communities.

The signing ceremony was attended by Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs Mirvat Bulbul, Director of the Office of Grants and Contracts Amir Khalil, IEU Director George Yerousis, IEU Labor Market Relations Coordinator Suhair Morar, and Atef Shkokani, IEU’s coordinator of projects.