Advisory and Legislation Bureau, Institute of Law Sign Agreement

On October 19, Birzeit University, represented by its president, Dr. Abdullatif Abuhijleh, and the Advisory and Legislation Bureau, represented its head, Kamal Ibrahim, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU)that aims to establish research and academic ties between the bureau and the Institute of Law at Birzeit University.  The MoU will enhance legal skills in the areas of legislative drafting and legal informatics, as well as support mutual research and legal initiatives.

The signing of the MoU was attended by  Vice President for Community Affairs, Dr. Asem Khalil; Acting Director of the Institute of Law, Mueen Barghouthi; and a number of institute faculty and staff, as well as Advisory and Legislation Bureau Vice President  Eman Abed El Hameed, and several bureau staff.

Dr. Abu Hijleh commended the inter-institutional research effort that the MoU will establish and highlighted the Institute of Law’s role in the legislative process, as well as in the development of legal informatics. He said, “The Institute of Law is one of the most prominent legal research centers in the fields of legislation and legal informatics; its research efforts are unparalleled. The Institute also plays a significant role in training the upcoming generation of legal scholars through its seminars, courses, and contributions to the Continuing Education Campaign.”

Mr. Kamal also noted the level of cooperation that the MoU will establish, calling it a “much-needed framework for enhancing ties between the two institutes through research, capacity building, and academia.”

Mr. Barghouthi noted the informatic, educational, and legislative apparatuses that the institute has built over the years. “These apparatuses help to maintain and push forward the legislative procedure, as well as to research and publish on the current state of legislation in Palestine,“ he said.