Academics explores status of education in Jerusalem

Academics and researchers discussed on April 18, 2017 the constraints and challenges facing education in Jerusalem in a symposium organized by the Faculty of Education at Birzeit University. The symposium hosted the Director General of Jerusalem Affairs Unit at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Dima Saman, educator Noha Al-Ghoul, and the chairman of Faisal Husseini Foundation Abdel Qader Husseini.

The university’s Assistant President Abdel Aziz Shawabkeh said that this panel is held in recognition to the challenges that face Palestinian schoolchildren in accessing educational opportunities. “We aim to come up with effective policies to overcome these obstacles through supporting education and knowledge. The occupation imposes laws and regulations that tells its own narrative among the students, and seeks to demolish our history and culture. ”

The Dean of the Faculty of Education Hasan Abdel Karim pointed that the panel is part of a series of discussions that will tackle status of education in the occupied lands of 1948 and Jerusalem. Such meetings, according to Abdel Karim, exposes the Israel’s outrageous practices against the development of education in Jerusalem, and seeks to find practical solutions to overcome them.

The panelists offered their critical perspectives on the Education in Jerusalem, and explored the national and international role of overcoming the obstacles and impediments that hinder the development of education and decrease its dependency on the Occupation.