Academic delegation visits University of Burgundy, shares critical thoughts about Palestine’s foreign and legal policies

An academic delegation from Birzeit University comprised of legal experts, political scientists, and experts in international studies and international law visited the University of Burgundy in Dijon, France, and participated in events that focused on internal and external aspects of the Palestinian cause. The visit took place between 24 and 30 March, 2019.

The one-week visit aimed to introduce academics, researchers and students of the University of Burgundy to critical aspects in Palestinian foreign policy and diplomacy and to evaluate their conformity with international law. The delegation also aimed to inform academics and researchers about Palestinian legislative policies and their ability to establish juridical facilities in Palestine, after highlighting the failures and successes of the Palestinian political experience. 

Events during this week included a series of meetings with representatives from the University of Burgundy and with professors from its faculties of law and political science. The representatives of both universities furthermore participated in a symposium titled “The Palestinian Authority 25 years After Signing the Oslo Accord: Criticizing, analyzing and assessing local and international legal and political realities.”

Birzeit University’s delegation relayed the Palestinian Authority’s experiences with the international community in the political, legal, legislative and juridical realms. It also gave speeches on “Realities and Challenges facing Palestinian Diplomacy after the Signing of the Oslo Accords,” “Palestinian Legislative Policy and Its Role in Enhancing the Status of the Legislative Sector,” and “Palestine in International Law: The State and Palestine’s Liberation Organization.” Delegates also participated in a series of public lectures that targeted bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD students as well as researchers and gave special lectures to inform the local community in Dijon about the Palestinian cause.

The delegation was composed of Ali Jarbawi, the director of the International Studies Program and a political science professor; Majdi Malki, the dean of the Faculty of Arts and professor of international studies at Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute of International Studies; Yasser Amouri, the dean of the Faculty of Law and Public Administration and a professor of international law; Mohammad Al Ahmad, the dean of Student Affairs and a professor of civil law, and Said Kalil, an instructor of French language at the Faculty of Law and Public Administration.