7th International Chemistry Conference Links Industry, Academics

Speaking at Birzeit University’s 7th Annual International Chemistry Conference, Palestinian Deputy Minister of Economy Abdul Hafiz Nofal emphasized the need to prioritize national industries.
"Chemistry intervenes in various walks of life,” he said, “as it plays a major role in economic development - in manufacturing and in scientific and technological development."
BZU’s Chemistry Department in cooperation with the Palestinian Chemical Society and the General Union of Palestinian Industrialists sponsored the March 23-24, 2013 conference alongside the Palestinian National Industries Exhibition.
Vice President for Administrative Affairs and Acting President Adel Zagha said that the conference is a regular event where Palestinian chemists - among them academics, researchers and educators - meet to exchange views, thus contributing to mutual cooperation between the academic and industrial spheres.
"Birzeit University is proud of the local and international participation of academics and businessmen hoping to link conference outputs with the Palestinian labor market and economy,” Zagha told the audience.
Faculty of Science Dean Wael Kerain emphasized the need to strengthen the relationship between academia, industry and the economy, calling upon the concerned parties to embrace the creative student, and work hard towards Palestinian economic development.
Head of the Conference Preparatory Committee and Chemistry Department chairperson Talal Shahwan said that the two-day conference attracted a wide range of local and international academics and researchers, except for those in Gaza since Israeli occupation authorities prevented them from coming to Birzeit University. ”We have academics from Germany, the United States, Denmark, Jordan, the UAE and Egypt,” he said. “The conference papers cover various chemistry topics including nanotechnology chemistry, manufacturing materials, green and environmental chemistry, in addition to medical and pharmaceutical chemistry.”
For more details on the conference, visit http://www.birzeit.edu/news/24636/news.