"6120 (As if it Were Now) screened at Birzeit University

The Qamat Organization for Documenting the Palestinian Struggle, in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs at Birzeit University, held a screening of “6120 (As if it Were Now),” on February 24, 2018. The film, the first by Qamat, documents the experience of the freed prisoner Sammer Al Asta, who spent 17 years in Israeli Occupation prisons.

Anas Al Asta, chairman of Qamat’s Board of Directors, briefed attendees on the organization’s principles, aims, and the role that it plays in raising awareness in the Palestinian community, especially the youth population, by telling stories of the Palestinian fight for freedom. Al Asta also emphasized the role of the youth in protecting the legacy of Palestine’s struggle.

Student Activities Coordinator Mohammad Al-Haj Ahmad reaffirmed Birzeit University’s interest in such activities, which bolster the awareness of university students and other segments of the Palestinian society.

Al-Haj Ahmad also applauded Qamat and its initiative to document individual experiences in the Palestinian fight for liberation and to protect the national collective identity.