“The 5th of March, the Palestinian Environment Day”

On the fifth of March of every year, the Palestinian people salute the Palestinian Environment Day, which is the national day approved by the Palestinian Cabinet to launch many different environmental activities, initiatives in cooperation with many cohorts at the governmental, civil, civil society and the private sector as well.

At the end of 2018, Jerusalem has been adopted as the capital of the Arab environment, and declared a permanent capital for the environment in the Arab and Islamic worlds. This is an affirmation of the Arab identity of Jerusalem, its importance and a rejoinder to all attempts to obliterate the identity of Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Palestine, and its vision and cultural status.

Initiatives and events have varied over the past years to celebrate the Palestinian Environmental Day, and the conferences had a prominent role to highlight the environment and its violations and opportunities to create a safe and green healthy environment. The most prominent of these conferences was the tenth Palestinian Conference for Environmental Education and Awareness, which was launched by the Environmental Education Center / Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land in 2019 in the city of Bethlehem, From this conference, Archbishop Sunni Ibrahim Azar, head of the Lutheran Church, announced the initiatives of a "monthly class for the environment" for school students, and a "green hour" every month to implement environmental and volunteer work, starting from the conference attendees, circulating and publishing in the country. In addition to some scientific papers that continue to be presented throughout the conference days, which conclude by adopting an action plan for the future.


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