2011-2012 Academic Year Begins at BZU - News

The first semester of
the 2011-2012 academic year at Birzeit University began on 5 September 2011
with 9,400 students from across the country. 
The new students among them gathered in their new faculties as soon as the
formal reception and tour of the University concluded.


In a speech delivered to the new class,
Dr. Adnan Yahya, Vice President of Academic Affairs, welcomed the new students
who have joined the family of BZU. He particularly addressed students of the
new Speech and Hearing Therapy Program at the Nursing and Allied Health
Professions Faculty. Registration for this program is offered for the first
time at BZU, which is the only institution in Palestine to offer this program
at the Bachelor’s level.

Dr. Yahya offered
students words of wisdom, saying, "The basic advice I would offer all
students, especially new students, is the importance of hard work from the
beginning. Benefit from the academic material as well as extracurricular
activities offered by the University. It is necessary to prepare for classes
and make use of instructor office hours, particularly in case you would like to
inquire about or participate in academic, athletic, and cultural activities. You
can also benefit from the counseling service offered by the Dean of Student Affairs." He
asked students to note dates for the various university activities and academic

The number of new
students who are attending the first academic semester of 2011-2012 is around 2,500, while the total number of all
students at the various undergraduate faculties is approximately 8,200, in
addition to around 1,200 graduate students.