The 1st Open Day at the Faculty of Arts

At the opening of "the 1st  Open Day at the Faculty of Arts," Dr. Maher Hashweh, Dean of the Faculty, expressed his pride of the great diversity in the activities held by the Faculty ,which coincided with the graduation of the 25th batch, after a quarter of a century since its inception.

Speaking on behalf of the Open Day Committee, Ms. Tina Rafidi,  explained that the idea of ​​the Open Day was a unique initiative to break the student's daily routine, aiming to highlight BZU  identity, which is embodied by the visions of the University cadre. Rafidi confirmed that the goal of the Faculty is to create sustainable relationships between the different departments on one hand, and the Palestinian institutions (official and civil) on the other hand

This came during the activities of the Open Day at the Faculty of Arts at BZU, in which all the Faculty's departments have participated, and was attended by a large crowd of students and their parents, supervised by the central committee of the Open Day , chaired by Dr. Abdul Rahim al-Shaikh, and with the membership of: Ms. Tina Rafidi, Dr. Ali al-Khawaja, and  Dr.. Ahmad Abu Hammad.

The open day included three types of events: acquaintance, networking and entertainment activities, while the acquaintance activities targeted students mainly,  which included leaflets,  short films  and lectures.  The networking activities targeted the parents and the participating institutions,  which included  an exhibition by all the departments of the Faculty, while the recreational activities have included art performances,  exhibitions, contests, and fashion shows.

In a student opinion poll regarding the activities of the Open Day, most students expressed their admiration for BZU students' diverse abilities to act, perform, play recite poetry and other creative activities.