“Right to Movement” Encourages Students to Run for Palestine

A delegation from the Right to Movement Campaign hosted by the Birzeit University Alumni and Career Services on March 3, 2016 encouraged students to participate in the Palestine Marathon to be held on April 1 in Bethlehem. 

Vice President for Development and Communication Ghassan Khatib emphasized the marathon’s importance in bringing international attention to the challenges faced every day by Palestinians who live under the occupation’s movement restrictions.

“It gives me a great pleasure to see university students and graduates participate so enthusiastically in such initiatives,” Khatib said. “We encourage and promote innovative ideas that have patriotic and noble messages.”

Campaign representative George Zeidan and coordinator Diala Isid said that the Palestine Marathon seeks to raise awareness about the restricted freedom of movement in the West Bank and Gaza.

“This is the third year Palestinians and foreign athletes will celebrate Palestinians’ right to hold their own international marathon. We want to contribute to building a running culture in Palestine, where men and women, boys and girls can run together,” Isid said.

“The 42.195 km route will reflect Palestinians’ everyday life. It will take runners around the historic core of the holy city of Bethlehem, looping around the Israeli separation wall as it passes through the city and into Aida refugee camp,” Zeidan added.

“Preparing for a marathon requires time, discipline and commitment, and can often feel overwhelming. Train and eat well and you will be ready to go. Running for Palestine should be a fun and rewarding experience,” chairperson of the Physical Education Department Sana’ Liftawi advised students.