‘Concrete Day’ Promotes Innovative Uses in Construction

An overview of the current state of construction, important uses for concrete, and the material’s future potential was addressed at Concrete Day held at the university on March 23, 2016.

Academics and architects took part in the construction event organized by the Civil Engineering Department and the Palestinian Concrete Society. Participants shared their knowledge to promote the improvement of structural concrete, construction technology, concrete products,  and education in the field of concrete and construction technology.

“Birzeit University provides opportunities, through different partnerships, for hands-on experience for all students,” said Vice President for Academic Affairs Henry Giacaman. “We constantly seek to establish and advance research and intellectual foundations for the latest fields of study, connecting theory with practice to improve understanding, and providing tools and techniques for solving the most critical challenges that face our scientific and intellectual development.”

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology Khalid Abaza said that the learning day was meant to spread knowledge about concrete, especially “innovative construction methods and construction materials that are safe, environmental friendly and high-quality.”

“The Palestinian Concrete Society is developing and testing new ideas for sustainable infrastructure in this increasingly urban world,” vice president of the group Mahmoud Abdallah told participants.

"The complex problems surrounding us such as lack of resources and the obstacles that are set by the occupation challenge us to develop innovative solutions to overcome these obstacles. That is why such initiatives are vital to promote growth and better use of concrete in construction, and to identify and recognize outstanding construction and performers in the field of concrete technology and construction.”