Samih Darwazeh Institute of Industrial Pharmacy

The institute strives to contribute to the development of the local pharmaceutical industry and to become the local and regional reference for high-quality pharmaceutical industry and research. 


To introduce new technologies to the pharmaceutical Industry and to apply quality standards to pharmaceutical manufacturing, pharmaceutical research and pharmaceutical training to fulfill the needs of local pharmaceutical companies and research institutions as well as other governmental institutions. The institute is committed to providing scientific consultancy and conducting pharmaceutical research, training and development of new pharmaceutical products for the private sector.


  1. Create a distinctive collaborative environment between the Institute and local and regional pharmaceutical companies and institutions. This collaboration enhances the progress of scientific research and pharmaceutical industry.
  2. Develop new pharmaceutical products for pharmaceutical companies.
  3. Introduce new pharmaceutical technologies to local companies and provide consultancy in quality control and drug registration requirements locally and regionally.
  4. Conduct pharmaceutical research according to international standards and consistent with new technologies to strengthen the foundations and concepts of high-quality scientific research.
  5. Hold training courses and workshops in the field of advanced pharmaceutical sciences to fulfill the needs of employees in pharmaceutical industry and relevant institutions.
  6. Reach out to professionals in pharmaceutical technology, especially in modern pharmaceutical technologies to conduct advanced workshops for employees in this field.
  7. Become a center for advanced training in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing and analysis for master’s students in the Industrial Pharmaceutical Technology Program, which improves their scientific and practical competencies.
  8. To cooperate with institutions relevant to the pharmaceutical industry to design and implement Quality Management Systems (QMS) for the pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical research.
  9. Conduct research projects that aim to solve relevant problems faced by the industrial sector.
  10. Promote scientific collaboration with other faculties at Birzeit University and other regional and global universities.
  11. Contribute to the university’s mission in encouraging excellence, creativity, experimentation and innovation by conducting pharmaceutical research in optimal use of medications. 


  1. Drug product development for pharmaceutical companies, this includes the following: 
    • Conducting lab and pilot scale experiments for drug product development.
    • Conducting drug analysis according to international guidelines.
    • Conducting stability testing of pharmaceutical products and storage condition stability, according to the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH).
    • Preparing the registration files of pharmaceutical products (Common Technical Document (CTD)) in order to submit it to authorities at MOH.
  2. Transferring products that have been developed in the institution to pharmaceutical companies production lines.
  3. Developing new methods of drug analysis.
  4. Developing and selecting suitable manufacturing methods and analysis that are compatible with the machines and instruments available at the institute for companies and researchers in our university and other universities.
  5. Conducting research projects that aim to solve production and analytical problems faced by pharmaceutical companies. 
  6. Conducting advanced research projects in the field of drug manufacturing that aim to develop the pharmaceutical industry and for research purposes.
  7. Training the Master’s of Industrial Pharmacy students.
  8. Conducting advanced training sessions for pharmaceutical company employees in topics such as drug manufacturing, quality control and quality assurance via institute staff and international specialists.