Project goals

Looking beyond the current take-make-waste extractive industrial model, a circular economy aims to redefine growth, focusing on positive society-wide benefits. It entails gradually decoupling economic activity from the consumption of finite resources and designing waste out of the system. Underpinned by a transition to renewable energy sources, the circular model builds economic, natural, and social capital. It is based on three principles:

  • Design out waste and pollution
  • Keep products and materials in use
  • Regenerate natural systems


INNOMED-UP proposes to work with CCIs to shift local urban economies towards a circular production and consumption paradigm including optimal use of material resources, innovation enhancement for SMEs, knowledge transfer among cities, social inclusion and citizens’ engagement. The project will 


work at a cross-border level supporting both technological developments (such as modern procedures of upcycling, technological informative platforms, etc.) and traditional recycling practices. 


The adoption of circular economy procedures within Cultural and Creative Industries will improve waste management thanks to technological absorption and innovative knowledge transfer, consequently, transforming Mediterranean cities into more resilient territories. The implementation of these procedures is expected to promote job contracts of scientific experts and technical staff and also SMEs will benefit of from research opportunities born from clusters and innovation vouchers to acquire equipment and mentorship support.