Annual Fund

Birzeit Annual Fund is an essential resource to help the university overcome all impediments to its progress by maintaining financial independence, epistemic and academic freedoms.

Gifts to the Annual Fund improve students’ lives, helping us develop an inclusive knowledge environment that stimulates creativity and entrepreneurship through student-centered learning and diverse teaching and learning methods that endorse free and participatory thought, and hone our students’ epistemic and entrepreneurial creativity.

Annual Fund gifts made by our dedicated community of friends, faculty, staff, students, parents and alumni support daily operations at the university and enrich our legacy of philanthropic support, helping Birzeit University to meet the challenges of providing higher-education services under conditions of occupation and economic recession. They are useful for developing our urgent needs for the academic infrastructure, student’s activities outreach programs for community engagement, university scholarships and special scholarships, in addition to sports and cultural activities. 

Thanks to the support of our generous donors, we are able to fund basic requisites that make an education at Birzeit University unique and satisfying, providing us with resources to fund societies, activities, capital maintenance projects and technological advancement that positively impact and enrich the student experience at Birzeit. 

Areas of Support

Donors can identify a preferred area of support in-line with the University’s priorities:

  • Student Life and Extra-Curricular Activities: enhance the student experience by enriching their student life and through non-academic activities
  • Sports Facilities: help the university expand the range of sports facilities available on campus
  • Campus Beautification: contribute to make the university more green and environmentally friendly
  • Campus Safety: invest in our campus security and emergency medical services
  • Community Outreach: assist Birzeit in its community services and grassroots activities
  • Museum and Gallery: help us expand our Palestinian art and cultural collections
  • Strategic Initiatives: assist the university to respond flexibly to the strategic priorities and emerging needs in academia