Faculty staff and graduate students are engaged in research in the following areas:

•Electrical Engineering: wireless communication systems, electrical machines, power and control, computerized systems, Smart Grids and renewable energy.

•Computer Engineering: computer design, computer networks and security, mobile applications, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, video and image processing, and smart cities.

•Civil Engineering: structures, transportation and traffic engineering, water and environmental engineering, construction materials and material testing, and construction management.

•Mechanical Engineering: energy efficiency, renewable energy, alternative fuels and air pollution, control and robotics, mechatronic systems, and machine design.

•Mechatronics Engineering: mod

•Architectural Engineering: architectural design, interior design, urban design, landscape architecture, and cultural heritage.

•Spatial Planning Engineering: regional planning, strategic planning, urban planning, rural development, urban design, urban rehabilitation and regeneration, and landscape and environment.

•Computer Science: computer and network security, artificial intelligence, knowledge engineering, databases, data mining, software engineering, human-computer interaction, operations research, and mobile applications.

The Faculty represented by the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering won the first two places at the fourth conference for innovated projects held in Palestine Polytechnic University-2015. The student names are Shadi Khalil, Majd Masalmeh, and Mazen Subuh (1st place), Aya Jamal, Manal Hamouda, and Shaden Hamdan (2nd place)

The Faculty represented by the Department of Architectural Engineering won the top three places in the Tom Kay annual competition for free architectural drawing 2014, organized by the Palestinian Centre for Architectural Conservation/Riwaq. The student names are Mehran Abu al-Hummos (1st), Mahmoud Tayseer al-Jamal (2nd), and Raghad Saqf al-Hate (3rd).

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department representing Palestine won the first place in the Arab World in the (Imagine Cup-2015) competition-Innovation Category organized by Microsoft. The winning team names are Hassan Baker and Mohammad Ateeq.

Available facilities extend over Omar Al-Aqqad Building and Munib Al-Masri Building which include classrooms, lecture theatres, laboratories, workshops, drawing studios and computer laboratories.