We are a research team from Birzeit University that has established an educational initiative that integrates learning materials, teacher professional development, and technology in multiple educational setting to create new learning paradigms suitable to the current and future learning needs of our children and youth.

The initiative’s backbone is a repository of locally produced Experiential Leaning Objects (xLOBs) that integrate subject knowledge with life skills and citizenship education and directly interface with national curricula.

xLOBs are led by the Unit for Learning Innovation a division within the Center for Continuing Education (CCE) at the University.  CCE is an innovation hub that is constantly investigating local development needs, exploring local and global trends, researching them and developing or adapting solutions suited to the local context.

The xLOBs research and development team consists of instructional designers, education specialists, subject matter experts and media and IT specialists.  The team consists of 10 in-house researchers and a pool of approximately 50 external educators, designers, researchers, technologists and gender and social scientists.