An Experiential Learning Object (xLOBs) a learning design that contain several building blocks which when combined; produce an active and stimulating learning process.

Structure of an xLOB

  • Learning resources that can be delivered physically in the classroom or across the network like text book extracts, articles, digital images or photos, Khan Academy lessons, video or audio snippets, stories, animations, basic gadgets and tinkering material from every-day life and connected and non-connected electronic devices;
  • Learning activities and applications of the knowledge in contexts that are meaningful and stimulating to students and seamlessly integrate life-skills and citizenship education with subject content. They are designed to entice students to constantly produce knowledge;
  • Instructional strategies that glue and integrate the different elements of the learning object together. These strategies are structured to be easy to use and designed to support teachers deploy strong pedagogy as they facilitate learning with xLOBs. They demand of teachers to constantly reflect and develop their learning practices as they deal with the unpredictable learning outcomes and behavior of their students.


  • To create a transformative educational model able to upgrade the learning outcomes of existing educational systems so they would graduate youth capable of meeting the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities of the 21st century
  • To forge partnerships with governments and key educational providers in supporting an educational transformative process through the integrating xLOBs in current educational systems
  • To constantly research, develop and integrate new pedagogical and technological developments into the model and explore its implementation in various pathways to learning

Key Messaging

xLOBs is an indigenous design by local educators and research teams responding to challenges and needs of the local context.

Through xLOBs Students:

  • Achieve significantly higher learning outcomes
  • Are required to constantly create knowledge, not just learn or consume it.
  • xLOBs create meanings for students: it gives them a “cause” to learn.

Learning Environment: 

  • xLOBs provide a stimulating and active learning environment.
  • They break the artificial walls between schools and the real world they live in;
  • They Overcome the traditional “barriers” between the various disciplines, by integrating knowledge areas across disciplines


  • xLOBs give teachers the tools to inspire, facilitate, and partner with students in their learning journey.
  • Teacher empowerment and professional development are inherent within the xLOBs implementation model: learning through application; communities of practice, and on-going support and reinforcement.

Educational Systems:

  • xLOBs seamlessly integrate into national curricula strategies like active learning, life skills, citizenship education, technology integration, rights and gender responsiveness.
  • xLOBs are modular and flexible objects that can be readily ported and adapted from one educational system to another in the region.
  • They fill a serious gap in stimulating and relevant educational content in Arabic.
  • The xLOBs “engine” can be used in multiple learning pathways: formal, non-formal, vocational, on-line, and others