Experiential Learning Objects - Integrating life skills and citizenship Education in the Basic Educational system

Symposium on Launching Experiential Learning Objects (xLOBs) in Grades 1 through 4

The Experiential Learning Objects (xLOBs) were developed in 2017 through a partnership between Birzeit University, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE), and UNICEF for grades 1 and 3, and were implemented in a limited number of schools.

The official implementation of the xLOBs for grades 1 and 3 will begin in the second semester of the current academic year, and curriculum development for grades 2 and 4 will begin this year and will be ready for deployment by September of 2018.

The symposium aims to present the results of the current phase and the implementation research –  which accompanied the entire development life cycle of the project –  and provide an opportunity for Q&A. The development team, teachers, supervisors, and ministry officials will also share their perspectives and reflections.