Weaving and Knitting the Colours of Palestine

Weaving and Knitting the Colours of Palestine

Artists: Hilde Hauan and Marie Skeie from the Stitch Project

Have you ever tried knitting on the loom before? In this workshop, you will get the chance to experience traditional loom knitting as practiced in one of the Palestinian Bedouin areas which still rely on traditional knitting to create textiles. We will use the threads we dyed in the first workshop “Production of Natural Dyes from Garden Plants”.

In addition to our exploration of the landscape, its transformations and representations, we also look at it as a space for creation, productionand self-sustainment.  During this workshop we will be introduced to popular crafts inspired by land, nature and biodiversity and that are associated with Palestinian Bedouin communities connected most to the land through their daily practices and who are continuously and forcefully being expelled from their lands.

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20 Apr 2019
The Palestinian Museum
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