“Challenges and Opportunities in Translating Biomedical Research into a Successful Business”

The Faculty of Business and Economics is proud to invite you to meet Dr. Abdul Kareem Azab

the founder of medical technology companies in the United States

This speaking engagement is beneficial for entrepreneurs, investors, students, and researchers, as Dr. Azab seeks to share his experience with Palestinian society in fields involving cancer biology, tissue engineering, pharmatech, and medicinal chemistry. Dr. Azab is an Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology at Washington University in Saint Louis School of Medicine (2012); Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Washington University in Saint Louis School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2017); Adjunct Clinical Instructor at Saint Louis College of Pharmacy (2017); Founder and CSO of Cellatrix LLC (2015); and Founder and CEO of Targeted Therapeutics LLC (2016).

18 Nov 2017
204, Saed Khoury
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