BZU Alumni Reunion 2017

BZU Alumni … Join us at Birzeit University to enjoy an evening with your family.

The main purpose of the reunion is to provide alumni with the chance to experience Birzeit University again and enjoy an afternoon with their families all together on campus. The program of the alumni reunion is different than traditional reunion activities. The program is based on several activities created by BZU alumni and students, from which the alumni attending the reunion will pick and choose.

We will provide a range of activities that will address their various interests. Through attending or watching these activities, the alumni will get the chance to walk around the university and witness the expansion of the campus and all the development that happened from the day they graduated until present day.  In addition, we will provide them with the opportunity to meet the President of BZU in a networking event, which will widen their networks as they get to know each other. The event will end with a performance where all alumni gather to enjoy a musical concert. We aim to make sure that BZU alumni enjoy their time, enrich their sense of belonging and feelings of pride for BZU, and make sure they will be active members of the Alumni Engagement program.

Depending on an international model for reunion organizing in various international universities, we will invite this year alumni starting from 1976 through 2016, with a five year gap successively, to guarantee a pleasant experience for the alumni attending, and encouraging the rest of the alumni to participate the next year. This reunion will happen annually, and we will make sure to invited all our alumni depending on their graduation years, over the years.


للاطلاع على خريطة الموقع وبرنامج الحفل وتأكيد الحضور وكافة التفاصيل

7 Oct 2017
Birzeit University Campus
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