Structure and Dynamics of Magnetocaloric Materials

The Department of Physics invites you to attend a scientific lecture entitled:

Structure and Dynamics of Magnetocaloric Materials

featuring Dr. Nour Maraytta.

The search for more efficient use of energy has been leading to a growing interest in the research field of magnetocaloric materials. The magnetocaloric effect (MCE) describes the change of temperature or entropy of a material when exposed to a change of the magnetic field and forms the basis of magnetocaloric refrigeration technologies. This utilization of the effect can offer a novel method for cooling that is economically feasible and ecologically friendly, and hence the effect attracts the attention of many researches. In the last years there has been an upsurge in the knowledge of the MCE and many materials have been investigated for their MCE characteristics.

Part of the talk will be devoted to the results of the investigation of the magnetocaloric effect (MCE) in MnFe4Si3 and Mn5Ge3 compounds by direct measurements in pulsed magnetic fields as well as by analyzing the magnetization and specific heat data collected in static magnetic fields. Ad in the second part, the nuclear and magnetic structure of the AF1′ phase of the single crystalline compound Mn5Si3 will be discussed.

31 May 2022
S. Abdelhadi 171 (Math meeting room)
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