Neoliberal Visions: Culture, Gender and Subjectivity, South-South Dialogues

The Middle East Centre, London School of Economics (LSE)


Institute of Women’s Studies

(in conjunction with Muwatin Institute for Democracy and Human Rights)

Birzeit University


The November-December 2021 Webinar Series

Neoliberal Visions: Culture, Gender and Subjectivity, South-South Dialogues

Tuesday November 23rd (19:00 Pal/17:00 UK)

Wednesday December 8th (17:00 Pal/15:00 UK)

This interdisciplinary seminar series is part of the LSE-Birzeit collaborative project “Neoliberal Visions”. Bringing scholars together from anthropology, gender studies, media and communications, Middle East studies, and human geography, it explores the cultural, gendered, and psychic lives of neoliberalism beyond the global north. Focused instead on south-south dialogues, panellists theorise neoliberal dynamics through empirical case studies from Palestine, Lebanon, Barbados, Nigeria, India, and Colombia. Moving beyond political economic approaches to neoliberal transformations, the seminar series underscores how neoliberal shifts are reshaping gendered, social, and cultural subjectivities across a range of different - yet interconnected - transnational contexts.

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*The presentations will be in English with simultaneous Arabic translation




23 Nov 2021
Virtual seminar
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