Lecture on "Gauge Theories from the 11th Dimension"

The Department of Physics Invites you to attend a scientific lecture on

"Gauge Theories from the 11th Dimension"

Presented by Prof. Neil Lambert, Professor of Theoretical Physics- Department of Mathematics King’s College London.


String Theory and M-theory are two fields that help in understanding Physics in a single unified framework. To date, there are no clear observational predictions of theory. At a more formal level, however, String Theory and M-theory make concrete predictions about the existence of Quantum Field theories, and their properties. Some of these theories are quite surprising from a traditional field theory approach, and can tell us that there is more to the quantum field theory than our current techniques can account for. This lecture aims to describe how the eleven-dimensional M-theory can predict certain strongly coupled field theories in three and six dimensions.






9 Oct 2018
Faculty of Science, Room 214
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