Audio-visual Performance

Chronicles of a Single Day. Time: Beirut, Place: One Day in August 1982

Dirar Kalash
Visual materials coordination: Adele Jarrar

This performance is an audio-visual interpretation of Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish’s prose A Memory for Forgetfulness, in which he vividly relates an account of a day amidst the Israeli invasion and siege of Lebanon in 1982 that came to be known as ‘Hiroshima Day’. In his interpretation, Kalash meshes text, sound, and image, wrapping the prose’s form and content with the impressive soundscape he creates. Visually, the performance incorporates images drawn from the Palestinian Museum Digital Archive, captured during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982.

About Dirar Kalash:
Dirar kalash is a multi-media, multi-instrumentalist composer, improvisation artist, and performer, not bound by medium or genre. Kalash has released several solo and collaborative albums and has performed live worldwide

6 Aug 2019
The Palestinian Museum
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