Fundraising Practices

Key features of the fundraising cycle at Birzeit include
  • Fostering a culture of philanthropy at the University
  • Staying abreast of best practice in fundraising in the higher education sector and exploring the feasibility of applying it to Birzeit
  • Creating a donor-centered organization that understands the interests, emotions, and aspirations of each donor, whether an individual or an organization
  • Identifying and prospecting potential funding sources
  • Developing meaningful and engaging relationships with potential funders and donors
  • Positioning the organization within the philanthropic marketplace through networking, public relations activities and targeted outreach campaigns
  • Planning, organizing and implementing the fundraising work according to international best-practice
  • Implementing, monitoring and reporting on the expenditure of obtained funds
  • Assessing processes and results for raising funds on a continuous basis
  • Evaluating and realigning fundraising processes and targets