This course is designed to acquaint participants with some of the most prominent psychological theories and issues relating to the psychology of gender differences, including factors influencing the development of girls and women in a variety of cultures and societies, with special emphasis on Third World societies in general and on the Palestinian society in particular. The purpose of this course is to investigate issues related to the lives and living conditions of girls and women, including themes such as gender stereotypes, the social construction of gender roles, gender comparisons, women and work, inter-sex relations, women's physical and mental health, violence against women, and women in later adulthood. The course will also account for the history of women in psychology, male-biased research, gender-based status differentiation and socio-cultural stratification, gender-based stigmatization, sexism in the classroom, gender and self-conception, achievement-related behavior among women, psychological phenomena unique to women’s experiences, and gender comparisons in social and personality psychology