Project Information



Full title:

CApitalisation for Re-setting Innovation and Sustainability in MED-Cities (CARISMED) Project 

"رسملة لإعادة تهيئة الابتكار والديمومة للمدن المتوسطية من خلال البناء على نتائج المشاريع السابقة المستهدفة" 

Thematic Objective:

A.2 - Support to education, research, technological development and innovation (Promote economic and social development)


A.2.2 - Support SMEs in accessing research and innovation

Geographic Coverage:

Palestine, Greece, Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Jordan

Project Duration:

23 November 2021– 22 November 2023

Expected Beneficiaries

  • At least 40 SMEs 
  • Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) clusters
  • Women and young people working in CCIs 
  • Local communities and authorities
  • Over 4,000 citizens to be reached
  • Policy and decision-makers

Expected Stakeholders

SMEs, Circular Economy’s communities, the  general public, and local authorities, decision makers