Project Goals

The project overall objective is to develop urban policies for improving sustainability and integrating innovation into the urban setting of Mediterranean cities in order to effectively re-structure living and working conditions 

This aim will be achieved through the following specific objectives:

  • Promoting innovative approaches/CE methodologies for re-setting the built environment at Med-Cities (both the building shell and its technological and business content) by developing a toolkit/advisory guide on upcycling buildings/areas of the built environment through CCI SMEs clustering.
  • Establishing targeted pilot creative workshops at regional and national level in order to reach and involve new target groups/type of stakeholders through expertise outreach and advocacy of policy-makers, local authorities, key sector stakeholders, organizations and SMEs, i.e cross-border level.
  • Making use of asynchronous e-learning platforms where knowledge and resources pooling results foster the mainstreaming of good practices towards central principles for planning interventions, improve sustainability and integrate innovation of CCI SMEs Clustering into the urban setting at Med-Cities.