BUSA739 | Special Topic

The assets of an organization include equipment, real property, capital, people, and customers. To manage these valuable assets, companies use ERP systems. CRM is a critical component of every ERP system. It serves to optimize the interactions between B2B and B2C customers and the organization’s marketing, sales, and service departments. New technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, block chain, social media, virtual reality, and the internet-of-things are drastically changing how companies use ERP systems and also how organizations interact with their customers. In this course, we explore the development of CRM from a classic system-of-record to a proactive system-of-engagement and we learn how organizations are using digital technologies to create new revenue models and a competitive advantage. We also investigate how organizations in Palestine can benefit from CRM - as business users, consumers, and also members of a global CRM ecosystem.