Academic Advancement Program Targeting New Faculty Members

About the Program

This program is an introductory academic program that through training sessions, workshops and symposiums, familiarizes new faculty members with Birzeit University’s laws and regulations, modern pedagogical approaches, and new technology. Thereby, the university aims to enable its teaching staff to better plan their courses, enrich their curricula, and monitor and evaluate their classes.

During the courses, each new faculty member― with the help and support of the Academic Development Unit―develops a learning unit as part of a course in the program the university has assigned him/her to teach. Feedback will be provided after the developed unit has been taught in an actual classroom.

The Academic Development Unit will

  • Observe a number of lectures/classes taught by each participant, providing verbal and written feedback,
  • Issue to all committed participants a certificate that indicates the completion of all program requirements,
  • Provide all participants with educational and academic support in developing a learning unit that can be applied in one of the courses the participant currently teaches.

Target group

New faculty members who have taught for 2 years or less at the university.


More information and details are available only in Arabic