About the Unit

Inaugurated during the academic year 2018/2019, the Academic Development Unit provides support and development programs for the university’s academic staff, supporting the learning and teaching processes and enhancing academics skills and the use of modern teaching methods.

The unit supports the delivery of the university’s strategy (2017–2022), especially its first strategic objective of building “Competent graduates capable of work and production, committed to the realization of the Palestinian developmental goals.” It works jointly with the faculties and their departments to drive academic excellence.

The Academic Development Unit works under the supervision of the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.


  • Developing and implementing training programs that enable faculty members, especially new members, to plan, develop and evaluate the courses they teach;
  • Implementing training programs that support technology-enhanced learning among faculty members;
  • Supporting the exchange of expertise among faculty members in all disciplines;
  • Encouraging faculty members to use technology in the teaching and learning processes;
  • Promoting success stories that reflect the expertise of faculty members;
  • Supporting faculty members in carrying out and publishing research as part of their ongoing academic and professional development;
  • Building a technology-enhanced learning environment that is suitable for people with disabilities;
  • Developing cross-disciplinary courses, educational packages, or units that hone the students’ skills in accordance with twenty-first century requirements.