Conference Sessions

Part One: Prospects for the world and Palestine

First session: Global dynamics

In this session, two papers will be presented. The first paper deals with the theoretical parameters of change at the level of states – changes in the international system. The second paper analyzes the situation in terms of other international actors, most notably non-state actors, and the role of globalization:

  • Changes in the International system
  • The world in the twenty first century

Second Session: Palestinian dynamics in a global context

Where are the Palestinians today? What part of their national rights have they achieved, notably within international organizations, in terms of public diplomacy, global and regional developments? Strengths and weaknesses of their position, nationally, locally, regionally and internationally.

Part Two: The world and Palestine

Here the focus will be on the attitude of international actors, whether official or popular, most notably among the world’s and the region’s great powers, their likely policies, and policy effects on Palestine:

First Session: Palestine and the Great Powers

Second Session: Palestine and the Region

Part Three: The Palestinian Prospects: Possible Breakthroughs

What can the Palestinians do to change the status quo? What tools can be used in the international context?

First Session:

  • International Organizations and Law and
  • Public Diplomacy

Second Session: International and Regional Powers