Publishing at BZU

Aiming to guarantee the quality of its publications, the university has issued the University Publishing Instructions, based on the University Council Decision no. 1 (24) for the academic year 2017/2018, on March 28, 2018.

The university has started to institutionalize the process by which university publications will be managed by implementing the publishing instructions and following up on this implementation the university’s faculties, institutes and centers, in partnership with the University Publishing Unit, which temporarily falls under the supervision of Office of the Vice President for Community Affairs.

The main tasks of the University Publishing Unit are:

  • Providing technical and logistical supervision on the publications of the university’s faculties, institutes, and centers;
  • Assisting the publishing committee in reviewing the manuscripts;
  • Marketing and distributing the university’s publications; 
  • Networking with university press units, in addition to civil and commercial publishers;
  • Creating a space to exchange ideas on the reality of university publishing mechanisms in the Arab countries, and the possibility to improve them.