The CDS has two main offices, one in the West Bank and another in the Gaza Strip and most of the CDS’s projects/research is conducted in the two regions.

In addition to the administrative and financial unit, the CDS is organized into four units:​

This unit focuses on theoretical and applied research. The applied research programme at the CDS provides relevant information and analysis that feeds into policy making on development issues.

In 2007, a specialized survey unit was established, reflecting the considerable amount of work carried out over the previous 10 years.  In that time, the unit has carried out more than 50 field surveys, including interviews with more than 100,000 citizens as well as more than 1000 focus groups, case studies and in-depth interviews.

The Community Development Unit was established in 1999, for the purpose of forging stronger links between research and practical, effective community work. The purpose behind this approach was to enhance the commitment to human development in Palestine.

This unit specializes in development projects in local communities. The Unit has a special focus on marginalized groups within the Palestinian society, in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip, including women, individuals with disabilities, the poor, young people and children.