Birzeit University’s team for community engagement in the Gaza Strip

Birzeit University's centers and institutes offer a variety of services in the Gaza Strip through offices that are located on the sixth floor of the Tomouh Building on Al-Jala Street in the center of Gaza City.

The offices include two halls that can accommodate meetings and activities. Here, panel discussions, workshops, and training activities are organized. A specialized media training room is equipped with computers and cameras and has adjacent production rooms.                                                                                      

In addition to the tasks and services provided to the local community by the university’s Gaza team and the projects conducted by Birzeit’s Institute of Law, the Media Development Center, and the Center for Development Studies, the facilities provide unique opportunities for the university's other institutes, centers, academic circles, and various units that do not yet have a presence in Gaza to carry out missions and programs in Gaza. This can be achieved through:

  1. Assistance in conducting in-depth interviews and focus groups that serve research purposes in various fields of knowledge. Muwatin and the women’s studies institute, along with others, have benefited from this possibility in the past.
  2. Helping to organize workshops and facilitate activities and interventions in various fields for researchers. The Institute of Community and Public Health, the Institute of Environmental and Water Studies, and the Institute of Women's Studies have benefited from such engagement in the past.
  3. Assistance in organizing conferences.
  4. Communicate with civil society organizations and help coordinate their work, representing Birzeit University in Gaza.