Birzeit University's Presence in Gaza

Since 1994, Birzeit University has supported branch offices for a number of its centers and institutes in the Gaza Strip, including the Institute of Law, the Center for Development Studies, and the Media Development Center.

Through these offices, the university provides a variety of services, including research and awareness activities, training sessions, and multi-purpose surveys.

In its various activities, the university has contributed to the capacity building of organizations and individuals working in many fields―such as media, law, human rights, and economic and social development―making the university’s offices a useful and convenient destination for researchers and practitioners.

Birzeit University graduates are distributed across most sectors in the Gaza Strip and carry out distinctive, leading roles in Palestinian society. Through Gazan graduates and by providing non-educational projects, the university has created a broad community base in Gaza.

Birzeit University is proud that its institutes and centers in the Gaza Strip offer an open platform to provoke discussions, interaction, and dialogue on the most pressing issues Palestinian society faces, especially in the fields of development, human rights, and media. The university’s institutes and centers provide large areas in which researchers, jurists, and media professionals can engage in research and exchange their peers in Palestine.