Mr. Saad Qasem Abdelhadi

Born in Nablus in 1954, Abdelhadi studied electrical engineering in Lebanon and Egypt, specializing in and pioneering software Arabization and localization, publishing computerization and management, and print and design solutions since 1984. He is the founder and the CEO of Al Nasher Technical Services, established in Jordan in 1990 and in Palestine in 1995.

Abdelhadi is an active member of the civil society in Palestine, working with many organizations and institutions to advance the development of the Palestinian community. He is chair of Taawon’s General Assembly, a board member of the Palestinian Center for Policy Research and Strategic Studies - Masarat, a member of the Mahmoud Darwish Foundation’s Board of Trustees, and a founding board member of the Palestine Techno Park. Previously, Abdelhadi was secretary-general of the Palestinian Information Technology Association of Companies’ Board of Directors and deputy chair of the Jordan Computer Society’s Board of Directors.