Mr. Omar Aggad

Sheikh Omar A. Aggad, a Saudi businessman of Palestinian origins, is the founder and chairman of Aggad Investment Group, which was founded in 1975. His companies are scattered throughout Saudi Arabia and other countries. They include United Automobiles, the largest agent of Chrysler cars in the Middle East and agent for Doge and Jeep in Saudi Arabia, the Arab Company for tiles Limited (Artec) Inc., Mediserve Medical Equipment, an agent and partner of Motorola in the Saudi market (NASCO), and agent for General Communications Co., Ltd. (Bravo), Inc,Continental Insurance Company E.C.. Also, Riyadh Pharma for the production of medicine, Sanad Insurance Co., the Arab Palestinian Investment Company Limited (APEC), and a number of other companies in Palestine, including the Gaza Electricity Company, and also serves as chairman of Saudi Continental Insurance Company E.C.. The Birzeit University Faculty of Engineering bears his name after he funded its construction in 1984. Aggad was awarded his honorary doctorate from Birzeit University in recognition of his vital role in economic development and institution-building, as well as his role in establishing industries that contribute to modern state-building in the Arab world.