Mr. Mazen Darwazeh

Mr. Darwazeh holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Beirut University College, a diploma in marketing from Boston, USA, and an MBA from the Business School for the World (INSEAD), France. Mr. Darwazeh was formerly a member of the Jordanian Senate from 2010-2013. He is Executive Vice Chairperson of Hikma Pharmaceuticals in Jordan and Chairperson of several companies, notably Al Thiqa Pharmaceuticals Ltd. in Algeria, Pharma Exir Ltd. in Sudan, and Jordan International Insurance. He in on the Board of Directors of a number of pharmaceutical companies such as Al Hikma Pharma (Egypt), Ibn Albitar (Tunis), Al Hikma Pharmaceuticals (Lebanon), and Promopharm (Morocco). He is the son of Mr. Samih Darwazah, a former member of BZU BoT and founder of Hikma Pharmaceuticals in 1978 who contributed to the establishment of the Samih Darwazah Institute of Pharmaceutical Industries at Birzeit University, which was inaugurated in 2015. Mr. Darwazeh is member of the Advisory Board of the Lebanese American University, member of the Board of Trustees of Yarmouk University, and member of the Advisory Board of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging in San Francisco.