Mr. Iyad Masrouji

Mr. Masrouji is the Secretary General of the Board of Trustees. He holds a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from the De Montfort University in Leicester, UK, and an MBA from Boston University, US.

Mr. Masrouji became CEO of the Jerusalem Pharmaceuticals Co. in 2009 and is the chairman of several boards of directors of other companies, including Jordan River Pharmaceutical Industries in Jordan, SPA Soprodim for pharmaceutical industries in Algeria, and Dar al-Qalam for Trade and Packaging. Mr. Masrouji was formerly President of the Union of Palestinian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and a member of several civil, social and academic NGOs, including the Tamer Institute for Community Education, the Palestinian Businessmen’s Association, and the Thalassemia Patients’ Friends Society. In 2008, Mr Masrouji became a member of the Eisenhower Fellowship. He received the Wheelock Award for professional excellence in the same year.