Kutayba Y. Alghanim

Kutayba Y. Alghanim’s is the Chairman of Alghanim Industries; one of the largest privately owned companies in the region. Alghanim  is the chief architect in setting the vision and growth strategy, ensuring that it continues on a trajectory of growth and prosperity.

He was first brought into Alghanim Industries by his father Yusuf Alghanim, making his mark before being chosen to lead the company as Managing Director. In this role, Alghanim introduced contemporary business culture and modernized the organization. Under his leadership, Alghanim Industries became the first company in Kuwait to have an IBM mainframe, and he used the automated systems to hire professional management.

In order to identify and delegate responsibilities to talented, highly qualified managers, Alghanim shifted the culture of Alghanim Industries, encouraging feedback, professional criticism, and ideas from employees in all levels of the company. Through these key changes, Alghanim transformed the company from a family business to a privately owned, but professionally managed firm that became an example for others in the region to emulate.

Alghanim plays an active role in supporting quality education for youth, both locally and across the region. In 2003, he founded DIYA, an orphanage in Lebanon that is devoted to promoting the welfare of underprivileged children. His work with orphaned children extends to Kuwait, where he is involved with The Children Home project , which includes the restoration and renovation of six homes, a central kitchen, and an outdoor play area.

Alghanim’s contributions to Birzeit University enabled the building of the iconic Yusuf Alghanim Library on campus. His initiative across the region are also recognized, such as his ongoing commitment to AMIDEAST and much more.

Kutayba attended Gordonstoun School in Scotland, and the University of California in Berkeley.

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