As Palestinian universities mainly focus their work time on teaching rather than research. So their teaching staff may have the required skills of international publications. The "Develop Business and Economic Research Centers Capacity at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions (BERC)" aims to achieve atmosphere for researchers so that they can conduct researchers with high quality and provide international journals with scientific publications that meet international standards.

•To develop and reinforce quality standards for business and economic research centers of Palestinian Higher Institutions.

•To capacity building of research unit's staff for business and economic research centers of Palestinian Higher Institutions (Including standards, methodology, examination and supervision,, etc.). 

•To develop national and international partnerships for networking activities among the Business & Economic research centers.

•To promote alignment and optimization of undergraduate and postgraduate programs with respect to the strategic research clusters, including expand research opportunities and resources that attract and support a robust number of postgraduate fellows.

•To tackle societal challenges and developing innovative solutions through engage in long term collaborative research projects and partnerships. 

A cornerstone of any university, scientific research is a priority area in general and particularly as it relates to the fields of business and economics.  A pipeline stemming from undergraduate and graduate courses in addition to staff interests will successfully benefit from as well as add value to BERC.

In addition to the scientific research component, applied research in the form of projects and consultancies to societal stakeholders such as the private sector, local and international NGOs, and the public sector are key to the strategic partnership and success of BERC.

The engagement of the community is another key element of BERC.  Promoting cooperative efforts, and publishing data and studies can not only create value for beneficiaries, but motivate partnerships and more joint efforts.

The establishment of a trusted source for data and information related to a variety of business and economics related topics and matters is paramount to enhancing the value offered by BERC to local and international visitors.    

Faculty researchers, along with students, at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, will combine their collective efforts across a number of disciplines within the business and economic world, as well as beyond.  Researchers from outside the Faculty and Birzeit University are also key to this element so as to make any and all research efforts applicable and as generalizable as possible.