About the project

BZU project title: Venture in Palestine with BZU

Project timeframe: January 2017 – December 2021

Project total budget: Euro 1,595,495

EU contribution: Euro 1,237,956

Overall objectives of the BZU project:

  1. Supporting the creation and development of social and green enterprises
  2. Promoting Palestinian made products’ competitiveness

Specific objectives:

  1. Empowering university students and their families to establish and operate sustainable social and green businesses
  2. Enhancing sustainability of micro and small enterprises especially those operating in informal sector and supporting transition of informal enterprises to the formal sector

The rationale behind funding: The BZU project contributes to achieving the EU goals including the promotion of inclusive and sustainable growth in Palestine and focuses on the following priorities of the "Civil Society Organisations" thematic programme:

  • Supporting the creation and development of social enterprises and/or green enterprises through start-up support
  • Creating spin-off social and/or green enterprises from existing CSOs/other eligible entities
  • Promoting Palestinian made products' competiveness through improved quality and efficiency, including development of locally produced raw materials.
  • Raising awareness and training of private sector actors on inclusive economy, social-responsive business (gender, disabled, etc.), corporate social responsibility, decent work (including occupational health and safety conditions), green economy and entrepreneurship (including support to access affordable green technologies and production systems), social protection, etc.
  • Increasing quality and availability of services to enterprises for certification on environmental management systems
  • Surveying and sharing best practices from other countries' experience on inclusive and green economic policies, in particular from Europe and the region
  • Supporting the transition of enterprises from the informal to the formal sector, thus increasing, among other things: access to finance, protection of labour rights, etc.