Palestinian agricultural development between colonialism, globalization, and liberation: a seminar series

Abstract: Palestinian Agricultural Development between Colonialism, Globalization and Liberation is a seminar series on the past, present and future of agriculture in Palestine. The Palestinian agricultural sector has experienced a rapid decline over the last century due to the on-going settler colonial dispossession of land and water resources, economic policies that fostered dependency on Israel and international markets, and violence. The war on Gaza and the continuous displacement of Palestinian rural communities from their farming lands in the West Bank have further aggravated the condition of the Palestinian agricultural sector over the last months. However, as highlighted by the growing movement for food sovereignty in the region, agriculture remains central to the struggle for land, livelihoods, and collective liberation. We envisage the seminar series to open up spaces for conversation and discussion on questions of agricultural development, food policy and land politics. In particular, we aim for the seminar series to be a space for scholars and practitioners in the field of Palestinian agriculture to exchange, on the one hand, on how violent processes of colonial dispossession and neoliberalism have shaped the Palestinian agricultural sector; on the other hand, how forms of struggle, class alliances and solidarities that have emerged in, against, and beyond these structural processes, and the future that these struggles envision.

The seminar is scheduled to run from March to June 2024.

Organization by: Ahmad Heneiti, Fadia Panosetti, Natali Salameh and Taher Labadi

In partnership with: Institute for Palestine Studies, Institut français du Proche-Orient andMargaret Anstee Centre for Global Studies, Newnham College, University of Cambridge.

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