International Study Visit in Ukraine

International Study Visit in Ukraine

Number of seats: 1 (student who is currently enrolled in Masari’s Citizenship station)

Timeframe: 9-16 February 2019

The British Council is conducting a weeklong International Study Visit (ISV) with active citizens from different countries.  The young active citizens will be visiting Ukraine to participate in a 5-day workshop and a 2-day community visit as part of the ‘Active Citizens’ program, which is a social leadership training program that promotes intercultural dialogue and community-led social development. The program will run in Ukraine from (9-16 February 2019) – with all expenses covered.

The activities are designed to bring together partners, facilitators and participants from diverse backgrounds around the world. During the program, participants will share insights and knowledge on how they are engaged in social activities in their own country and culture, the challenge they have been facing, and their accomplishments.

The key objective of the ISV is to increase understanding of the power of global networks engaged in social development. Through these events, like-minded individuals can network, share learning and understand the value of intercultural dialogue. 

Active Citizens is a global program run by the British Council and its partners in over 30 countries. It promotes community cohesion and development through capacity building of young leaders for civic engagement and volunteering.

Eligibility Criteria:

BZU student who is currently taking the Masari Citizenship station and has attended all the training sessions

Highly engaged in doing community service work

Must be currently active in developing a social action project

Has a drive to create positive change, in the direction of greater equity and economic and social justice.

Excellent command of the English language

Application Deadline: December 1, 2018

How to apply:  Fill out the application and send to linked e-mail accompanied by a recommendation letter from your Masari facilitator.

[email protected]