Announcement  for PhD scholarship in Health Sciences related to Midwifery

The Faculty of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Professions, Birzeit, in collaboration with OsloMet University in Norway is seeking for a PhD candidate as a part of the Midwifery Research and Education Development (MIDRED) NORHED II project, funded by Norad.

The candidate will be registered at the PhD program at OsloMet Met – Oslo Metropolitan University as a four years, part time student, in addition to a part time position at Birzeit University related to the MIDRED project.

The candidate will undertake fieldwork, research activities including writing papers for publications and engagement in line with Birzeit and OsloMet laws and regulations as part of her PhD studies. The candidate will report to the main, co-supervisors, and researchers based in Norway and Palestine. She will comply with the University’s policies, including Health & Safety, Equality and Diversity, Ethics, and Data Protection.


 Terms and Qualification:


  1. Bachelor in Midwifery + Master’s degree in any health science, from a two-year program, equal minimum 120 ECTS, (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) with minimum grade B or equal.


  1. Bachelor in Nursing with a high-diploma in Midwifery + Master’s degree in any health science, from a two-year program, equal minimum 120 ECTS, (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) with minimum grade B or equal.
  2. Conducted a thesis during her Masters’ study or has a previous research experience (Desirable).
  3. Good level of analytical skills and the ability to communicate complex information clearly, both orally and in a written form.
  4. Good level of English (Reading and writing).
  5. Have at least 2 years of clinical experience in Midwifery practice in Palestine.
  6. Be willing to travel and live in Oslo/Norway for at least 12 months (4 x 3 months) during the study period.
  7. Personal interview with a joint committee from Birzeit University and OsloMet.

Professional and personal preferred skills:

  1. Computer skills (word, Excel, handling emails).
  2. Strong academic interest and experience
  3. Research skills (searching for literature, handling, managing, reading and summarizing literature, basic statistics).
  4. Data handling skills, including coding, saving and storing data securely.
  5. Track record of contributing to and/or participating in research.
  6. Mature, independent personality and highly committed.
  7. Self-awareness with the ability to accept different views and self-regulate approach appropriately. 
  8. Work to deadlines and manage, with support, competing priorities. 
  9. Skilled approach to planning, managing, organising and objectively assessing own research contributions.  
  10. Ability to work under pressure, take a long-term holistic view and remain focussed during times of change and uncertainty. 
  11. Ability to remain resilient, flexible and work with conflicting priorities.  
  12. Builds and secures value from relationships: 
  13. Working effectively as a part of an interdisciplinary team. 
  14. Strong written, verbal and presentation skills. 
  15. Ability to communicate new and complex information effectively, both verbal and written.
  16. Contribute to the monitoring of resources and budgets where appropriate. 
  17. Make evidence informed decisions in a transparent way whilst remaining accountable to self, the University and partners. 



  1. Commit self to achieve all PhD requirements including courses and exams, papers for publications in peer review journals, PhD thesis and defense according to OsloMet regulations.
  2. Apply, work, and follow up university regulations, guidelines, courses, emails and announcements online without difficulties.
  3. Considers international standards of ethics while conducting research.
  4. Conduct own PhD research activities, with support from supervisors.
  5. Write PhD research proposal.
  6. Collect data according to the designed methodology.  
  7. Liaise with local institutions / individuals / professionals and managers in order to inform them about the project and invite them to participate. 
  8. Conduct fieldwork for research and willing to travel to remote areas in the West Bank as appropriate.
  9. Manage data including coding, saving data securely, data entry into statistical software in preparation for analysis
  10. Analyze data.
  11. Search, select, download, save, read & review, summarize and utilize relevant literature.
  12. Write research progress reports, papers for publications and PhD thesis.
  13. Revise and amend supervisors’ and journals’ comments.
  14. Attend meetings, training, workshops, and other relevant aspects of the project.
  15. Update personal knowledge in relevant fields of study.
  16. Conduct research-related administration e.g. risk assessment, organization of meetings and documentation, and ensuring accurate and timely formal reporting and financial control.
  17. Support the researchers in organizing inter-professional collaboration, carrying out project activities.



  1. The scholarship will provide tuition fees, living stipend, travel expenses and accommodation expenses in Oslo.
  2. Birzeit University is unable to consider requests for increased and/or further funding. The amount of scholarship offered is fixed and non-negotiable.
  3. Opportunity to experience life in Norway and share your culture with Norwegians and International students.
  4. Earn a PhD degree in Health Sciences related to Midwifery from OsloMet University.
  5. Upon your selection for a scholarship, we expect that you tell us about any issues that could prevent you from taking up the scholarship on the criteria and conditions outlined above.


Applicants interested in pursuing this PhD degree MUST:

  1. Hold a Palestinian nationality and reside in the West Bank or Jerusalem.
  2. Have at least 2 years of clinical experience in Midwifery practice in Palestine.
  3. Submit an official academic transcripts and diploma certificates for the Bachelor and Master’s degree in English.
  4. Submit an up-to-date CV detailing all prior education and work experience.
  5. Three letters of reference in English;
  6. Motivation letter (Personal statement) in English up to 600 words in length.
  7. Copy of passport and identification card (ID).

Place of work:

Birzeit University and Oslo Metropolitan University


Duration: 75% position as PhD Candidate, 25% position as lecturer , 31st of  January 2022 to 31st of January 2026


Contract Type: Service contract

Interested candidates are welcomed to send their CVs and all relevant documents (academic transcripts and diploma certificates for the Bachelor and Master’s degree in English), motivation letter and 3 reference letters to the email: [email protected] no later than two weeks from the date of this advertisement.