The overall objective of this diploma is to prepare graduates for leadership roles in international strategic communication as advocates for their organizations and their national strategic goals and objectives. More specifically, the project aims at the following:

1. Offer an educational program that will provide the trainees with strategic communication skills that will help formulate messages that help advocate the national goals and the organizational goals.
2. Improve the trainees’ level of professionalism in strategic management and strategic thinking for professional working in the field.
3. Building the capacity to be able to defend institutional and national cases with emphasis on the Palestinian case.

Formulating effective messages

Setting communication strategies

Data gathering and analysis to help formulate effective messages and hold advocacy campaigns

Basic and advanced communication skills

Using social media to effectively communicate strategically 

Setting strategic communication plans

Strategic communication during conflicts and during change

Ethics in strategic communication

Negotiation skills and conflict resolution
  • Share in and explore a broad range of regional and international expertise in Strategic Communication.
  • Acquire and practice the skills necessary to become effective practitioners in Strategic Communication.
  • Apply the principles and practices of effective Strategic Communication to at least one sector of Palestinian life, e.g. public diplomacy, business, NGO activity, public administration etc.
  • Demonstrate the ability to construct and manage an effective communication strategy that delivers measurable outcomes in target audiences and responds to critical developments.